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The Golf Club at Harding Park

The Golf course at Harding Park in San Francisco was named after former US president Warren G. Harding. It was inaugurated in 1925. It was designed by Willie Watson and Sam Whiting, the owners of the Olympic Golf club in the vicinity. Since its inception it has attracted the attention of golfers from all over the US, professional and amateurs alike. It was a regular PGA tour stop in the 60s but in 1969 it was dropped form the tour because of the dire situation of the course and the pathetic clubhouse service.

The Golf Club at Half Moon

The half moon was just a collection of less than 20 cottages when it opened half a century ago. Now, the 400-acre property of the Caribbean course has more than 400 rooms and suites which house a fair number of celebrities such as the queen of England. The Half Moon is a stone's throw away from Sangster International airport. Yet it has the aura of a lone and peaceful oceanfront abode.

The Sangster international takes it name from the former Prime Minister Donald Sangster who died in 1967. You will also find his picture on a hundred dollar bill.

The Golf Club at Long Shadow

The Golf Club at Long Shadow is situated only minutes from Lake Oconee, Georgia. The area is famous for its recreational features and picturesque sceneries. Avid golfers have been drooling over it even before its inauguration.

The Golf course at Troon North

Troon North Golf course is one of the best desert golf courses. The 18 hole golf course provides every thing that a seasoned golfer could expect - and for a very reasonable amount of green fees.

If you are not a seasoned player, the course can be rather difficult. Still you can play at all levels. The ample fairways and hefty greens, along with the beautiful scenery add up to an eye-catching treat. The real estate development is far enough and do not hamper the scenic desert and the Pinnacle peak in the background setting.

The Golf Club at Ballantyne

Spread over a 2000-acre piece of land and adjacent to the South Carolina border, South Charlotte is lifestyle community. The environs of community are calm and peaceful with a hilly setting and lush greenery.

The challenging golf course of Crescent Pointe

Designed by Palmer Course designs, so naturally it contains Arnold Palmer's signature beach bunkers. The ancient oaks and classical shot making opportunities make this course a golfer's dream-come-true. Palmer Design took full advantage of the breadth-taking landscape, added beautiful elevations and steep terrain which are rarely found in the area. The grand oaks, magnolias and pines inspire even the non-golfers.

The Arthur hills course at Palmetto Dunes: A place for serious golfers

The Arthur hills course at Palmetto Dunes is a golfer's dream come true. The professional attitude of the course's administration is noticeable from the moment you set foot in the course. There are two practice greens that surround the clubhouse.

The Golf Course at Hammer’s Glenn

There are only a few golf courses that thoroughly blend-in with the history of the land as well as enhance the surrounding landscapes. The Hammer's Glen Golf course in the North Georgia Mountains is definitely one of them. Designed by Mark McCumber, the course stands out as an example. The harmony between history nature and Golf is evident in quite a few aspects of the course. For example: the hole is being overlooked by an old farmhouse in par 3 17th.

St. Etienne Golf course in the south of France

Situated in the south-west of Lyon, St. Etienne is not one of those famous cities of southern France where movie stars usually retreat for holidays. The city possesses a host of beautiful sceneries, yet it does not have the usual hustle and bustle of a popular tourist attraction. A hub for making bicycles, St. Etienne also has an excellent golf course: The Golf Club of St. Etienne.

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